Family and Marital Problems
Relationship problems often surface between loved ones and it is little wonder, considering the fast-paced lifestyles so many people have.  Often

Difficulty relating with a spouse.
Problems integrating children into second marriage families.
Difficulties with an abusive spouse can make life seem unbearable.

Often, relationship problems may manifest themselves in different ways, even appearing as physical symptoms.  We at the Edd Clinic have many years of experience in helping families to identify problems, set goals and open lines of communication for more rewarding relationships.

Stress Management
Stress is a byproduct of daily life for all.  Stress can be caused not only by events that are "bad" but, surprisingly, it can also be caused by events that are "good", such as weddings, career changes, etc.  Stress can surface as anxiety, depression or anger.  Headaches, gastrointestinal aliments and high blood pressure are often caused or made worse by stress.  Short-term therapy and biofeedback can help teach new ways to handle stress and to alleviate tension.  Smoking cessation and diet control are also part of the stress management programs.

Chemical Dependency
Dr. Edd is certified in Proficiency in the Treatment of Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders.  With substance abuse, therapy focuses on factors that contribute to the abuse and addictive cycles.  Effort is made to help the individual remain sober, functional and productive.  This may involve a variety of approaches and also bringing significant others into the person's support system.

Sex Offenders
Sexually inappropriate behaviors often bring people into conflict with the legal system.  The object with sex offenders is to assist individuals adapt in a healthy manner and lead more fulfilling lives.  Treatment within this realm may not necessarily be confined to those within the legal system, but also to "at Risk" groups, such as with sexual addictions, atypical arousal, etc.

Psychological Testing
Psychological testing is used for diagnostic accuracy.  Intellectual and personality tests give the clinicians information that assists in treatment.  The Edd Clinic administers psychological and neuropsychological testing to answer questions that relate to a patient's treatment.  It helps in diagnosing various conditions and assessing cognitive personality functioning.

Trauma and Abuse
Physical, emotional and sexual abuse create severe trauma.  We have expertise in helping survivors of abuse deal with the pain and learn new coping skills.  Treatment is offered for adults, adolescents and children.

Anger Resolution Therapy
Anger is often a destructive force in our lives and relationships.  The purpose of anger management is to interrupt and change the destructive cycle.  While anger is a natural emotion, it can be harmful to self and others if expressed in inappropriate ways.  The objective of anger management therapy is to find more appropriate expressions of anger and to decrease its negative effects.

The above information is not intended to be a complete description of these disorders and their treatment.  It is also not intended as a self-help guide.  It is only given to help you decide if your problem is one with which Dr. Edd specializes.  All therapy is individualized and your therapy may not necessarily be carried out exactly as described above.